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Historical account queries

How to contact us:

If you need to request any of the following information about your closed account, and you live at the same address you lived at when the account was closed, and your name is the same you can call us on 0345 602 2828.

  • Annual Statement
  • Certificate of Interest
  • Data Subject Access Request
  • Balance
  • Interest rate
  • Interest paid
  • If you have moved address, changed name since we closed your account or need information not listed, please write to us. When you write to us, you'll also need to include certified documents to confirm your identity. We've put some notes below to help you understand what to include and how to get your identity documents certified.

    Savings and Investments Team
    Birmingham Midshires Corporate Centre
    Pendeford Business Park
    Wobaston Road
    WV9 5HA

    Arrange to get your documents certified

    A 'certified copy' is a photocopy of an original document that has been stamped and signed to confirm that it is an exact copy of the original.

    Who can certify a document?

    • Any Lloyds Banking Group employee in one of our Halifax, Bank of Scotland or Lloyds Bank branches.
    • An official of an embassy, consulate or high commission of the country issuing your passport.
    • A lawyer, barrister or accountant (who is a member of a recognised professional body) or notary public.

    Make sure your documents are certified correctly

    Instructions for certifiers:

    • For documents including a photograph, please write "I have met this individual and confirm this photo is a true likeness of them. I certify that I have seen the original document and confirm this is a true copy of the original." For all other documents, please write "I certify that I have seen the original document and confirm this is a true copy of the original."
    • Sign and date the photocopy
    • Print your name in BLOCK CAPITALS
    • State your occupation, address and telephone number.
    • Stamp the document (the stamp must be clearly impressed).

    All documents you send to us will be returned to you. Checks may be carried out to confirm a certification is genuine. We reserve the right to request further validation if considered necessary.

    What can you use to prove your identity?

    Please provide two forms of identification from Proof of Identity. If you are not able to provide two items from this list, please provide one from Proof of Identity and one from Proof of Address.

    Proof of Identity

    • Current full signed UK or non-UK Passport.
    • Current UK, or EU/EEA Photocard Driving Licence (Full or Provisional).
    • Some EU/EEA Identity Cards (paper versions are not accepted).
    • Northern Ireland voters card.
    • Young Scot Card (26 years or younger).
    • Biometric Residence Permit (issued from 1 December 2012).
    • Disabled Drivers Blue Pass.
    • Benefits entitlement letter.
    • Current HMRC Tax Notification.

    For customers under the age of 18:

    • UK birth certificate.
    • Medical card/certificate.

    Proof of Address

    • Bank, Building Society or Credit Union statement.
    • Current UK, or EU/EEA Photocard Driving Licence (Full or Provisional).
    • UK, EU/EEA mortgage statement.
    • Utility bill (such as gas or landline phone bill) dated within the last six months.
    • Local authority tax bill/council tax demand letter/statement.
    • Solicitors' correspondence confirming house purchase in the last three months.
    • Council Rent Card/Statement issued by the Local Authority and shows payment within the last three months.

    For customers under the age of 18:

    • Address confirmation from an adult family member/ guardian.
    • Letter from a school/college/educational institution UK.
    • Address confirmation for overseas students.

    Important notes about acceptable documents:

    • Where you need to provide two separate documents, the same one can't be used twice, even if it appears on both lists. The documents must be from different companies.
    • All documents must be the most recent ones. We don't accept expired documents.
    • Documents used for proof of address should show your full name and current address.
    • We do not accept mobile telephone bills or bills for internet services.
    • We reserve the right to get additional identification and address verification documents if needed.
    • If you have a joint account, all account holders must each provide their own identification documents. We can accept documents that are addressed either jointly or individually.
    • Where certified copies of documents do not include a photograph, originals should be provided and will be certified on receipt and returned.

FSCS – protecting your money. Find out more here.

Gross rate means that we will not deduct tax automatically from your interest. You are responsible for paying any tax due to HM Revenue and Customs.

AER means Annual Equivalent Rate. AER illustrates what your interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded each year and allows you to easily compare different offers.

Tax free is the contractual rate of interest payable where interest is exempt from income tax.

For telephone line opening times, please read the information in our contact section. Calls may be monitored and recorded for security and training purposes. If you're calling from outside the UK, please dial +441902 428 311.

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